CTEC Energy

CTEC Energy designs and manufactures Clean Technology Energy Centres that utilize patented proprietary technology to convert hard-to-manage waste streams (including non-recyclable plastics and clinical waste) into productive clean energy with high levels of efficiency compared to incinerators and other renewable energy generation processes. The technology has been developed and tested through 10 years of research and development. A notable feature of the technology is that it works efficiently for smaller scale application, delivering 300KWe of electrical power and 2,000KWth of thermal power.

Another outstanding feature of the Clean Technology Energy Centres is that despite the use of more complex waste sources as ‘fuel’, emissions levels are significantly lower than those generated by incinerators. When the CO2 emission data for both energy production and the incineration of waste is combined there is an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions when using the CTEC system compared with a hospital using electricity and gas from the national grids and generating heat from a gas boiler system.

At CTEC Ltd we are designers and manufacturers of sustainable and renewable energy equipment. The equipment manufactured by CTEC is branded and patented under our own trademark. Based in East Sussex, our focus is to produce proprietary technology that can be utilised for waste management and its conversion into useable electricity and hot water. We convert hard-to-manage streams of waste and non-recyclable plastics into clean energy. Our production process is designed to be efficient, perfected through 10 years of research and development.

CTEC is bringing this tested technology to market in 2020, with radical technological feats such as bringing small scale applications of clean energy solutions with commercial rates of return and minimal carbon footprint. Our process can reduce emission by 50-70% compared to incinerators or a gas CHP plant, saving consumers upwards of 30% in prices to almost 100%. The CTEC core competence is to drive non-recyclable waste away from landfills and convert those waste streams into clean energy whilst reducing CO2 emissions.

Our Mission

At CTEC Energy, our mission is to bring our power generation solutions to hospitals, and medical institutions, new housing projects and water recycling facility to reduce power bills, increase efficiency, and utilise waste generated to produce clean electricity.