1. What does CTEC Energy do?

We recycle what was previously thought to be unrecyclable. Plastic. It is a material that does not decompose. CTEC Energy uses similar waste material to produce electricity.

2. How is CTEC Energy better for the environment?

By using waste present in landfills where it is either kept there or taken to an incinerator, the fuel used to produce energy reduces the amount of waste present.

3. What are greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases, such as Carbon di Oxide (CO2), are produced when power and heat are generated. Since the gas takes centuries to dissipate, it can have adverse long-term effects on the environment. In this way, greenhouse gases have adverse effects as they are essentially waste that cannot be recycled, reused, or even removed from the atmosphere.

4. How is CTEC Energy different from other sustainable power generation plants/companies?

CTEC Energy, as mentioned in question 1, uses plastic as a fuel source. Plastic is one of the most environmentally harmful waste material, which makes recycling of plastic both a necessity and a huge benefit to the environment.