Gas Flare

Declining gas production at older landfill sites presents two major challenges: a) maintaining the ability to oxidise the captured methane to carbon dioxide to meet permit and climate change targets; and b) the ability to offset ongoing costs by continuing to generate electricity.  This project has investigated the possibility of integrating two innovative technologies to allow: a) gas with low calorific (methane) content to be thermally oxidised; and b) the exhaust heat to be captured and converted into electrical energy.  The integrated Advanced Conversion Technology unit has three potential markets:


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  1. At any facility where a flare is required (including the oil, gas and biogas industries)

  2. At sites where gas production is falling, and landfill gas engines cannot operate.

  3. At sites where gas quality is falling and standard flares can no longer operate.



While different configurations have been assessed, all of the proposed systems involve a low-cal flare enhanced with Exhaust Gas Recirculation that should qualify as Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT).  The exhaust gas (400 – 500kW thermal) heat is supplied to a CTEC steam generating unit housed within a 30ft container.  This can produce 250kW electrical and ~1.4kWth hot water at 90°C.  


A horizontal low calorific gas burner with attached heat exchanger and energy generating unit has been designed to fit into a 30 ft standard shipping container that can be delivered and installed from a Hiab equipped lorry.