Plastic Waste to Energy

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The Benefits 

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Waste Streams


"Globally the cleanest technology to dispose of plastics" 

The system’s overall energy efficiency is 82%

"New technology brings ultra clean emissions"

Green leader Natalie Bennett visits clean energy company.


Natalie Bennett: "Small innovative companies like CTEC are where the ideas, solutions and sustainable skilled jobs of our low-carbon future are going to come from." read press release

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We treat Residual Plastic Waste as a Valuable Fuel


The world is slowly waking up to the damage that plastic waste is causing all over the planet. Most concern is plastic waste, which is not recycled and ends up in our oceans and environment to slowly decay.


CTEC Energy has the ability to execute a sustainable small scale waste to energy system that treats non-recyclable waste as a valuable Fuel.


With our new clean innovative process, 100% of the waste is utilised, generating  electricity and thermal hot water.


Non-recyclable waste is a clean source of alternative  energy.


Newhaven East Sussex, creating energy from plastic waste

Latest News

Turning the Tide on Plastic Waste on our Sussex beaches.

 Newhaven based Medi Power is developing an app to inspire the public to clean up our Sussex beaches. Any plastic waste collected from our beaches (including fishing nets) will be converted into electricity and energy. A percentage of the money raised from the electricity generated will be donated to charity or credited to your phone to get cheaper energy for your home.

Fishing nets collected from the Sussex UK coast, Seaford & Newhaven beach. This is converted into electricity to the national grid and hot water for a network heating.

How do you deal with the worse type of plastic in the world?

CTEC Energy uses Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) to turn the worse type of plastic into a fuel, creating electricity and hot water. Old landfills do have valuable waste, BUT WHAT IS BEING DONE ABOUT IT?

Why do CTEC believe mining our landfill sites is like digging for treasure ? 

Recovery of materials from historic landfill sites might sound far into the future, but it offers a much cleaner solution to the environment and feed our need for smart technology, energy storage and electric vehicles. Recycling the plastics and metals (including gold) and using the CTEC system to create electricity and hot water could create a completely new approach to recycling. 

Drowning In Plastic (the plastic needs to be utilised)

Imagine if all the plastic waste in the world was worth a fortune
CTEC Energy collects plastic waste from local beaches and fishing boats to use as a fuel, creating electricity and hot water in Newhaven East Sussex.


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