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Our vision of more sustainable waste management

We need to reduce plastic waste and we all need power. At CTEC, our sustainable waste management solutions address both, using gasification to produce cleaner, greener energy. Contact us to find out more about our vision.

Save in spite of rising energy prices 

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The CTEC technology meets critical environmental needs of multiple major markets, both existing single site waste producers such as hospitals and ports, in addition to new commercial and residential developments that need to incorporate genuine sustainable waste management solutions reducing the waste going to landfill, while delivering significant economic benefits in the face of rising energy prices.

CTEC’s long term vision is to make a strategic contribution to the post COP26 management of local waste and enable businesses and communities in the UK, and internationally, to meet pressing sustainable objectives in the most effective lowest carbon manner.

CTEC has developed a complete turn-key residual waste advanced gasification system to generate electricity and hot water with no material toxic emissions to the atmosphere, meeting the most stringent UK and European Emission Standards.

A large power station is not designed to make use of the heat energy generated and can waste as much as 65% of its total energy value.  In addition, approximately 10% of the electricity generated is lost in the distribution network.

CTEC’s first target market application is UK medical waste, principally generated by NHS hospitals.

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Invest in sustainable waste management

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