Press Release

17 January 2020 (Shaanxi investment Xinxing) 


CTEC Energy visited China in the new year to meet various companies, Shaanxi investment Xinxing. Xu Tianyou, secretary, executive director and general manager of Xinxing Party branch of Shaanxi investment group Co., Ltd. Li Bo, member of the general Party branch and general manager of Lixin optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Wang Haibo, deputy chief economist

29 November 2019 (The Pune Municipal Corporation) 


CTEC Energy spent nine days in India meeting with extraordinary people who collectivity, want to improve their way of dealing with plastic waste. One of the meetings was with Commissioner D.S. Molak from The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), he has done wonders for Pune and will continue to improve their way of life and assist CTEC in the new year. 


Hanmant Ramdas Gaikwad a.k.a. HR Gaikwad is an Indian entrepreneur and the Chairman and Managing Director of BVG India Limited, India's largest integrated services company. HR Gaikwad was extreamly excited to hear about CTEC Energy's technology and invited us to his home to talk about the possibility for installing our systems into India.

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Commissioner D.S. Molak from The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) with CTEC Energy 

Mike Burns and Hanmant Ramdas Gaikwad 

26 February 2018 (BBC South East Today) 


14 February 2018 (Coast to Capital press release) 





 Coast to Capital has contributed £1.8 million from its Growing Places Fund to CTEC Energy to help provide clean energy with the first Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) plant in the world. This exciting project will also create up to 58 jobs in Newhaven alone and enable the development of six more future plants in and around Sussex. read press release

February 2016 Green leader Natalie Bennett visits clean energy company.


 Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, pictured middle, visits CTEC Energy in Newhaven read press release