owner operators of CTEC Energy systems 

Medipower Ltd, disposes Medical Waste. At present this waste is sterilised and sent to landfill. MediPower will be operational in 2020, generating 250kW of electricity for Newhaven port and 1.4MW of thermal hot water for new housing and businesses nearby, the ash will be sent to aggregates.

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Medipower Ltd, operator of CTEC Energy patented systems exclusively for the disposal of Medical Waste. 

Medi Power, has the opportunity to take Medical Waste produced from local hospitals around the Sussex area , and generate  electrical energy and thermal via gasification, thermal energy for local district heating networks and maintaining exhaust gas emissions within EU and local government regulations. 

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Organisations are increasingly coming under pressure to demonstrate their environmental credentials whilst at the same time remain competitive. By implementing a Zero Waste to Landfill strategy the Ctec Energy/Medi Power system will provide a clean disposal solution to medical waste as well as generating electricity and hot water.


Over the past 3 years Ctec Energy have developed an advanced combustion methodology with industry specialists to achieve exhaust gas emission results that exceed the European and local environmental authority requirements, which has been  certified by a UKAS accredited agency.