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The  benefits of
ACT gasification

CTEC design and supply Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) gasification systems to clients across the UK and around the world. Over the last decade we have developed, tested and certified our unique systems and hold 16 international patents for their designs. Reduce costs. Improve efficiency. Get in touch today.

What makes CTEC so special?

The system’s overall energy efficiency is 82%


Can be transported using sea containers -  little or no visual impact enabling rapid deployment at site


Globally the cleanest technology to dispose of plastics!


Continuously monitored using MCERTS certified analysers creating close to zero emissions


Full service is available on call to back up warranties with key components having a swop-in/swop-out option


Revenues are generated from gate fees for waste, electricity sales, heat sales and subsidy support where available. For example the UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive, pay-back periods between 2 - 3 years with a 20-year life cycle


  • Clean Thermodynamic Energy Conversion Limited (“CTEC”) is a private English company which designs and supplies its proprietary advanced gasification system from the UK.  Over the last decade it has developed, tested and certified its unique system and holds 16 international patents for its designs.

  • Traditionally, non-recyclable waste has not been disposed in a sustainable manner, usually dumped in landfills or incinerated with high carbon emissions.  The CTEC technology diverts significant levels of non-recyclable waste from landfill, generating full circular economy value.

  • Versatile CTEC system does this by processing various forms of plastic, biological and organic waste streams into renewable energy, renewable heat and residual reusable materials.  This meets the most stringent UK and European Emission Standards with no material toxic emissions into the atmosphere, delivering carbon negative solution with on-site processing eliminating all transport related carbon footprint.

  • CTEC has successfully operated its pilot plant at the Newhaven Port for the last three years, delivering proven results with full certification, as a showcase of its capabilities to process a huge variety of different waste steams transforming it into the lowest carbon sustainable energy.

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Make the move towards a more sustainable future

Contact CTEC to find out more about the benefits of our ACT gasification systems

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