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Gasification applications

CTEC has developed a full turn-key localised residual waste advanced gasification system to recover heat to generate electricity and hot water with completely safe emissions to the atmosphere, cleaner than European standard limits. To find out more about the applications, get in touch today.

How it works

In the case of plastic waste CTEC creates a burn ability with a mix of 75% plastic and 25% biomass for a perfect gasification process. This fuel is pushed onto the grate where high volumes of exhaust gas recirculation is used to slow the combustion process down, utilising 100% of the energy from the product. Superheated steam is created in a compact heat exchanger from the hot gas which is used to drive a modern day advanced steam turbine. One CTEC Green Power Network system utilises 500 kg/h of residual domestic or medical waste, this will supply approximately 264 houses with electricity and 783 houses for hot water or converted to cold water for cooling via absorption chillers.


Hot flue gases pass through a cyclone removing fly ash before filtering through bag filters. The gas is then carefully re-circulated back into specific areas of the gasifier to promote ultra clean emissions. The gas finally passes though a pellet filter before entering the atmosphere. All emissions are continually monitored 24/7 to ensure conformance to rigorous European standards


The bag filter residue removed from the cleaning process is sent for recycling for further treatment. The bottom ash is conveyed into a storage container and used to make building blocks. This single system will produce 250kw of electricity and 2MW of thermal hot water. The electricity is connected to the national grid, the thermal hot water can be used for a heating network or comfort cooling, and the remaining ash made into building materials.

Innovative Next Generation Solution

  • CTEC has developed a complete proven turn-key residual waste solution through their proprietary advanced gasification system which:

  • generates electrical and thermal energy with no material toxic emissions

  • exceeds the most stringent UK and European Emission Standards

  • CO2 reduction of >60% compared to incineration with option to carbon capture

  • has the capability to extract hydrogen for commercial use (Air Liquide expertise + pure Syngas)

  • is cost effective on community scale, represents local eco-system option without typical Planning complications

  • has a modular design, which minimises build cycle

  • CTEC systems process all mainstream waste categories but its focus is on difficult to manage non-biodegradable plastic & vinyl – traditionally generates high carbon footprint where approx. 80% goes to landfill and >10% to incineration. 

  • CTEC’s end-to-end solution with low execution risk is positioned to transform medical waste management in all Western markets

  • Multiple commercial applications delivers massive international addressable markets (see page 15)

  • Standalone units means CTEC technology has clear international potential as affordable, small scale and standardised product directly addressing imperative to reduce global CO2 levels

Initial UK Target Market

  • The UK produced 222 million tonnes of waste in 2018, with 4.8 million tonnes attributed to clinical sector

  • Dramatic increase in medical waste from the COVID-19 pandemic, so current systems struggling with capacity globally

  • UK Landfills are slowly being closed or banned > medical waste processing shortfall (actual 70,000 tonne capacity – see pg 23)

  • CTEC has analysed the NHS hospitals in England individually from an initial suitable candidate list of over 260 potential sites and identified the following priority hospital shortlist:

  • CTEC Unit 1 > 54 Hospitals

  • CTEC Unit 2 > 32 Hospitals

  • CTEC Unit 3 > 31 Hospitals

* Gentian background in Appendix

  • CTEC is working with its specialist NHS outsourcing partner Gentian*, to target NHS hospitals in England, and already in advanced discussions with initial target list of NHS hospitals (including Eastbourne, Brighton, Rotherham & Birmingham) plus interested leads generated by Gentian include NHS hospitals in Southend, Walsall, Nottingham, Tameside and Gateshead

  • In addition to the NHS, the largest private hospital groups, such as Spire, BMI, HCA, Nuffield, Ramsay, Care UK, Aspen and BUPA are equally significant (and funded) potential customers – already receiving unsolicited inbound calls (Kinvara)

  • CTEC’s first target market application is UK medical waste, principally generated by NHS hospitals – however the technology has multiple applications for locations including ports, airports, residential developments and light industrial estates

  • CTEC unit sizes empowers local communities to assume responsibility for waste management for the first time internationally

  • Approx. £1.4mn annual clinical waste can be processed by a CTEC Unit 1 and represents less than 0.1% of the clinical market

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Generate your own power

Contact CTEC about the gasification applications for your company 

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