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Energy Storage

The journey towards a low carbon economy is revolutionising the way we produce, distribute, store and consume electricity. The onset of wind and solar power increases the need for flexibility of energy storage, to support how we plan and operate the local electrical networks, with the ultimate aim of reducing costs in customer energy bills whilst ensuring the lights stay on. Contact CTEC to discuss your energy storage solutions. 

It starts with effective storage

CTEC have an energy storage solution that complements the Medi Power Gasification electrical power generation using the thermal energy from the exhaust of the turbines. Due to this technical innovation of an Organic Rankine Cycle we have a standalone system that utilises thermal energy. This innovation enabled CTEC to engineer an electrical storage solution facility that could be added to the Medi Power medical waste energy facilities that uses the low level heat from our steam turbines.

This addition to the process utilises a hot water energy storage tank, this thermal energy will enable CTEC to supply additional electricity to the grid at times of high demand. Outside of high electrical demands the heat will be used for heating network, they complement each other due to working times for winter heating, in the summer the thermal again will be additional electricity 24/7 but at high demand further electricity can be supplied for peak usage 5 hours per day depleting the thermal storage that is recharged over the next cycle.

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Ensure you have enough energy to deal with demand

Speak to CTEC to find out more about our energy storage solutions

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