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Freight ship loading cargo container in port

Facilitating renewable energy for airports and ports

106 relevant commercial airports in the UK

120 commercial ports in the UK


Sufficiently large (approx min 5,000 ft runways) comprising

  • 57 Public airports

  • 12 Private airports

  • 37 Military airports

Airports are ideal locations with available space and remote locations with limited planning sensitivities  


Ship waste includes:

  • Food, domestic and operational waste 

  • Cargo residues 

  • Ship-generated sewage

  • Oil and oily mixtures

  • Noxious liquid substances

airport runway and terminal
port and containers
freight transporters
  • Commercial ports are seeking renewable energy sources to support their net zero agenda. CTEC Energy's focus is providing clean energy to berthed ships (to prevent air pollution from on-board diesel power sources).

  • Commercial airports need to generate additional revenue streams and develop reduced carbon footprints.

  • Commercial scaled CTEC site planned for Newhaven Port will provide an industry benchmark.

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Helping airports meet net zero

Learn more about CTEC Energy's plans for ports across Newhaven and up and down the UK.

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