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CTEC gasification speciality coverts waste carbonous fuels into clean burning “syngas” that can be used instead of natural gas and fossil fuels. Based in Newhaven, CTEC can help clients across the UK and overseas to produce the power they need using more efficient methods. Contact us for more information.

Clean, green energy

By far, one of the biggest benefits of gasification is that it's such a viable eco-friendly alternative. The process uses less water than traditional coal plants, it generates significantly less air pollutants and it also reduces the environmental impact of waste disposal, instead using it as fuel.

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CTEC Advanced Gasification plants deliver optimum thermal conversion

  • Gasification exposes the waste to a high temperature environment breaking it down into its constituent components; where larger molecules such as plastics are completely broken down into syngas, which can be cleaned and processed before any further use

  • The CTEC system operates at much higher temperatures than standard incineration processes, which means more of the waste is converted into energy, as well as significantly  reducing emission toxin levels

  • The CTEC process does not generate toxic dioxins and furans unlike traditional incinerators do

  • The CTEC systems are completely modular, designed to be installed close to sources of waste, such as on a hospital site

cost effective

Cost effective

operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

safe technology

Operational efficiency

Competitive waste and energy supply for clients

Automated process
Remote monitoring

High energy and heat generation
Clean emissions

Advanced assembly design facilitates long term plans

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Key parts patented and use of multiple suppliers ensures system information remains in-house

IP Protection

No manufacturing plant  as unit assembled on site

Virtual assembly

CTEC assembles sourced internationally proximate to installation to minimise build costs

Cost Effective

Multiple suppliers ensure  potential to scale  production

Rapid Production Ramp-up Potential

CTEC retains knowledge for unit system assembly to complete integration of the computer control

Control of  Integration

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Produce cleaner energy

Speak to CTEC to find out how gasification could help your business

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