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Ecologically Sound, Cost-Effective Energy from industrial waste solid, gaseous or sludge.

Disposal of climate damaging gases F Gases like HFC’s in the CTEC system.

Fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases), known as “Super greenhouse gas” have a greater impact on climate change than CO2 by up to 25,000 times. F-gases are used for various applications, such as in refrigeration, electrical switch gear, air conditioning and are substitutes for the ozone-depleting CFCs.

For details of our work with industrial clients, and how we can help your organisation to institute an ecologically sound and cost-effective system for generating energy from waste products, please contact our highly experienced team today.

how greenhouse gases affect the atmosphere
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Producing power from industrial waste; solid, gaseous or sludge.

To find out more about Medi Power's role in helping us generate hot water and electricity, speak to CTEC Energy today

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